It made me feel like a terrible person.

– Jocelyn McLean


This week we had to take the show on the road. An unexpected trip to Montreal meant we had to get a little bit more creative with our production. So instead of going through our top three issues, we decided to focus on the top issue of the week: electoral reform. And this week, when we say electoral reform, we mean the Liberal government’s survey that generated a lot of criticism both online and offline.

According to the site, the purpose of the survey is: is an innovative way to join the national conversation on electoral reform. By answering a few questions, you can draw a picture of your democratic values. You can share your results with friends. It only takes a few minutes to answer and your feedback will help shape a healthier democracy.

As you answer the questions, remember that there are no wrong answers and your individual responses will always remain anonymous. This is a different way of consulting Canadians – we hope you enjoy this, and learn something too. Thank you for participating.

However, our special guests Anne Kilpatrick, Joseph Lavoie and Jocelyn Mclean had some different feelings about its intention.