As a Conservative, I am concerned that we’re trying to out-Justin-Trudeau, Justin Trudeau: trying to be younger, hipper, than Justin Trudeau.

– Will Stewart

With both the Conservative and the Liberal Parties holding conventions last weekend, there’s a lot to talk about. In particular, the Conservative Party managed to generate some memorable moments that will likely live on the Internet for some time and pop up every now and then in the future.

As always, David stops in to tell us about the (familiar) top issues for the week. Ottawa is still debating electoral reform and there’s still no consensus on whether the Conservatives left the Liberals a surplus or a deficit (…and chances are there never will be). Also, Allie follows up with Will Stewart on the conventions and what got traction for each of the parties.

Will is a Managing Principal at Navigator and founding Principal at Ensight. He is a regular on the show and before joining Navigator he served as Chief of Staff in several portfolios to Ontario Ministers, as well as the Government Whip and House Leader.