There is a segment of the population […] that is tied to a notion, somewhat romantic I think, of Canada being this great peace-keeping country, this great honest broker.

– Colin MacDonald

This week we’re talking about electoral reform (again), doctor-assisted dying legislation (again) and…fighter jets! Both electoral reform and doctor-assisted dying legislation continue to be contentious issues in Ottawa, generating discussion and debate amongst all three parties. Amongst Canadians, however, these two issues aren’t getting much traction. The Canadian discussion on these two topics was pretty quiet, especially with big news from the US: we’re looking at a Clinton/Trump presidential race – both Travis and Colin predict that it will be “interesting”, to say the least.

Also this week, David Woolley is on vacation. In his place, we have Travis Kann, a senior consultant at Navigator, to go over the top issues coming out of Ottawa.

Allie also talks with senior consultant and regular on the show, Colin MacDonald. Allie and Colin talk about Canada’s image as a global player, in light of the discussions about Canada’s relationship with China and the Canadian air force looking to upgrade its fighter jets.