It’s easy to have sympathy and be captured by the moment, but really the challenges are in the long-term, and in many ways the worst is yet to come, outside the actual danger.

–Jason Hatcher

This week, our thoughts are with all those affected by the wildfires in Fort McMurray. For the most part, Ottawa and Canada were talking about different things this week, but both conversations were dominated by discussions of the emergency situation in Alberta. Allie talks with Jason Hatcher about the government’s response to the crisis in Fort McMurray and how Canadians are reacting. Jason is a Managing Principal at Navigator and leads our Western Canadian operations in Calgary. He has also led a number of projects, including Alberta First Responders’ Communications System

 Aside from Fort McMurray, Allie and David talk about the discrepancies between our Ottawa conversation and our Canadian conversation. Where Ottawa was focused on the deficit (yet again) and Mike Duffy’s return to Parliament Hill, Canadians were abuzz about Donald Trump (yet again) and the return of the census. Between the two, can you guess which one got more positive traction? (Spoiler alert: Canadians really like the census.)