Whether you agree with the policies of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal party or not, it’s very obvious they ran on a very different type of platform than what’s generating the [American] headlines.

Welcome to episode four! Last week was our “Welcome to Ottawa” episode, and this week, we’re taking you out of Ottawa. This is our “Get out of Ottawa” episode. We’re not focusing specifically on Ottawa this week because it’s an interesting week for Canadian politics for a few reasons. First off, this is an interesting week for Canadian politics because it’s an interesting week for American politics. March 1 was Super Tuesday, which was all about Donald Trump, and which caused a number of US citizens to google “how to move to Canada”.

And in Canada, Parliament was on a break week. During a break week, ministers leave Ottawa and go back to their ridings. Break week is supposed to give ministers time to talk with their constituents.

So, usually we take into account what is discussed during question period to determine our top issues in Ottawa for the week. This week, however, the party leaders and the ministers are not in Ottawa. To replace our Question period portion, we tracked the speaking events for each of the party leaders and awarded points by issues raised at these events. We kept our tracking the same for broadcast and political columnists.
So our top issues in – or rather out – of Ottawa this week:


After Allie and David talk about the Ottawa issues – and of course, Donald Trump – Allie talks with Navigator Senior Consultant Colin MacDonald about online Q and As, leadership races, and American politics.