It really is a celebrity-comes-to-town type of coverage […] everybody knows who Justin Trudeau is, and Sophie as well.

Welcome to episode 5, “Mr. Trudeau Goes to Washington!”

This week was a big week for Canadian politics on the global stage. Prime Minister Trudeau visited Washington, and he is the first Prime Minister to be invited for a White House state dinner in 19 years.

The event was a top issue in Ottawa, in the media, and it got a decent amount of traction with our Twitter panel.

In the news, Prime Minister Trudeau hugged panda bears and the Canadian R&B singer The Weeknd also joined the trip to Washington, and it certainly feels like Canada is getting much more attention than usual from our neighbours south of the border.

But how much of that attention is because the issues in Ottawa are resonating with Canadians?

As always, Allie talks with our research analyst, David Woolley, to find out our top issues for the week.

Then, we have a special interview with the one and only Don Newman. Don provides Senior Counsel to Navigator, and doesn’t really need an introduction. But if you’re unaware, he is one of Canada’s most respected journalists, an award-winning broadcaster, a member of the Order of Canada, and a life-member and past president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery – to name a few of his accomplishments. He also happens to be in Washington this week for Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit, so Allie speaks with him on Prime Minister Trudeau’s events.