I think there’s a certain kind of arrogance that has gotten into Canadians following this – in a kind of, joking around, ‘look at the gong show they’ve got going on to the south of us.

– Sally Housser

It’s been a sad week. The Orlando shooting dominated discussions in Ottawa and on our Canadian panel. From broadcast news to Twitter, everyone was focused on the tragic massacre and its aftermath. Part of this aftermath has involved discussions on gun control policies, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s responses, the upcoming election, and Canada’s relationship with the US.

David Woolley has returned from vacation this week and goes over the top issues from the week from our Ottawa conversation and we discuss the Canadian policy context of Orlando.

Allie talks with Sally Housser. Sally’s been on the show before and is a Senior Consultant at Navigator and has held various communications roles with the NDP, both provincially and federally. She also served as the press secretary in Jack Layton’s office and as the Deputy National Director of the Federal NDP during the 2012 leadership race.

Allie and Sally talk about Canada and its relationship to the US, Canadian perceptions of security, and, of course, the upcoming American presidential election.

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