We’re in a dangerous kind of precarious sense of federalism right now, not just over the EI…we’re already getting a bit close to the old sense of western alienation.

This week on Political Traction we’re taking a look at regional issues and how they affect communications plans. Certain areas impacted by the downturn in oil prices are excluded from the recent benefits made to Employment Insurance in the federal budget, and it’s creating an East vs. West mentality against Ottawa.

Allie talks with David to get the top issues from Ottawa – one of them being EI. Then she talks with Sally Housser. Sally is a Senior Consultant at Navigator and has held various communications roles with the NDP, both provincially and federally. She also served as the press secretary in Jack Layton’s office and as the Deputy National Director of the Federal NDP during the 2012 leadership race. Sally’s also based in Navigator’s Edmonton office and Allie asks her to give a more local perspective on the EI changes and their impact on Alberta.