It’s the first time we’ve really seen the media be critical of this government. There’s always dissenting paragraphs in articles, but now we’re seeing headlines and full articles about broken promises.

It’s federal budget week! Ottawa was abuzz with the release of the Trudeau government’s first budget, so this episode of Political Traction focuses exclusively on items from the federal budget.

From the size of the deficit to historic amounts of indigenous spending, there is lots to talk about – like how did the Liberals do? With the budget out and some cold, hard numbers, are Canadians still willing to give Prime Minister Trudeau and his party the benefit of the doubt? Or is it the end of the new government’s honeymoon period?

Using our Political Traction methodology, Allie and David walk through which budget items did and did not get traction with Canadians across the country. Overall, Canadians are much less concerned with the budget than Ottawa – especially when there are other big news items, like the recent attacks on Brussels and the death of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. But, the budget items that they are concerned with tend to line up with what got the most coverage from media and political pundits.

Given that the budget is a technical and dense topic, most Canadians rely on the media to get their budget facts. Considering this, communications plans are pretty important.

This week, Allie talks with Will Stewart, Managing Principal of Navigator and a founding Principal at Ensight, to get some perspective on the strategic communications involved with the budget announcement.