It’s not a sector that’s going to be focused on grinding up raw cannabis flower and rolling it into papers and smoking it. I think those days are gone.”

– Will Stewart

Allie, Colin and David talk about the federal climate change plan and recommendations from the Marijuana Task Force. Special guest Will Stewart also weighs in on legalization in Canada.

Federal Climate Change Plan: Traction

The Prime Minister met with premiers and indigenous groups on Friday to discuss the federal plan on climate change. Among other things, provinces were asked to agree to the carbon pricing plan. To this, both Brad Wall, premier of Saskatchewan, and Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba, said no thanks. Brad Wall has been against the tax from the start, stating that it will adversely impact people in the west. Brian Pallister, however, is not fundamentally opposed to the idea of the tax. Instead, he offered a quid-pro-quo to the government: increased health care funding for Manitoba in exchange for his agreement.

Political Fundraising: No Traction

Once again, the Liberals are being criticized for their political fundraising tactics. However, nothing is new in the conversation. In fact, so little is new and so few Canadians are talking about it, that we decide not to dwell on it either.

Marijuana Task Force Report: Predicted Traction

On Tuesday, the Marijuana Task Force tabled its report on legalizing recreational marijuana in Canada. The report advises on purchasing age, points of sale, personal plants, edibles, and higher taxes for higher levels of THC. Overall, the report has been met with praise from those in the industry. While the government is not obligated to adopt any of the recommendations in the report, most are looking at it as a positive for industry regulation and ending marijuana prohibition.

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