Every week, we assess how much traction political leaders, pundits, and media get with the people they’re trying to reach: every day Canadians. We look at the top political issues in Ottawa and assess how much they resonated with Canadians.

If you’ve just discovered us, this is technically our third episode. We have an introductory episode, where Allie talks about how this podcast got started and speaks to Navigator Chairman, Jaime Watt, about the how the idea of Political Traction came about. We also have our second episode, where go over our methodology in detail and explain just how we measure the top issues every week.

This episode is our “Welcome to Ottawa” episode. Allie and David breakdown the top issues in Ottawa and how much traction they got with Canadians.

Our top issues in Ottawa this week:


After discussing the top issues with David, Allie speaks with Will Stewart. Will weighs in on how he thinks being the “anti-Harper” and partisan politics affect Canadian’s perception of Justin Trudeau, and how the deficit and Canada’s mission against ISIS impact the Liberals’ image.

Music in this episode:

Political Traction Theme Song, by Andrew Polychronopoulos   

I dunno, and Sublime, by grapes