Now that Stephen Harper is going to transition into the private sector, I think his main selling point is that he was a successful leader for a decade of a G7 country. And that’s no small feat.

– Will Stewart

Parliament was on break this week, but lots still happened. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Japan for the G7 Summit – where he managed to fit in some anniversary time with his wife – and both the Conservatives and the Liberals held their conventions over the weekend. On top of that, there was media speculation that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to resign his seat in the House of Commons.

Allie and David talk about these issues and the last bit of news on Elbowgate 2016, and Allie talks with regular on the show, Will Stewart, about Stephen Harper and his possible career outside of politics.

Will is a Managing Principal at Navigator and founding Principal at Ensight. This week, he weighs in on Stephen Harper’s legacy and how he thinks the former PM will fare if he switches to private sector life.