They don’t see themselves in Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and that’s, I suppose, fine – that’s their prerogative. But I think a lot of this is just really contrived.

-Colin MacDonald

Lately the government has been getting some heat for how it is spending taxpayer money – specifically with the size of the delegation Justin Trudeau took to the state dinner in Washington. Is the Liberal government spending money inappropriately?

 This week, Allie talks with regular Colin MacDonald about this issue and about our Canadian “First Lady.” Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau requested extra assistance to help with her engagements as the Prime Minister’s spouse, which has resulted in some outrage, and Allie and Colin talk about why that is.

Colin is a senior consultant at Navigator and has served as a senior policy advisor to several Ontario cabinet ministers across a variety of ministries. He also served as director of policy for one of the candidates for leader of the Ontario Liberal party during their 2012-2013 leadership contest.

 As always, Allie and David go over the top issues in Ottawa. The fires in Fort McMurray are still a major issue, but the conversation has shifted to rebuilding the community and appreciation for the first responders and their work in Alberta. Democratic reform is also on Ottawa’s radar: Justin Trudeau announced a Special Committee on Democratic Reform and some are critical about partisan representation on the committee.

 Music: Ryan Little, Before Dawn